Saturday, September 13

A favorite spot...

A little late getting todays post up. Spent yesterday climbing over rocks to monitor monk seals, then it was off to the bay for some paddling and a gorgeous sunset. Thankfully, I was able to capture both the sunset and my favorite paddle surfer. Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, September 11

A new wheel...

Wondered if you would send my Auntie Brenda some POTP (power of the paw)  Yesterday her dogtor gave her a new wheel....aka a new left knee.  Unfortunately she injured it a few years back and it just hasn't worked right since. So out with the old and in with a new one!!  My Grammy is there helping her for a short while so auntie doesn't do anything stupid. I say that cuz the women in this family can be a bit stubborn.  I told grammy to give a few treats if she behaves herself. Wonder if auntie likes BACON??? If I got a new knee that's the kind of treat I would want!!  Any how thanks for thinking of her. We hope she is back on her bike real soon.

Auntie Brenda
or G-Dog as my Auntie calls me!!!
P.S. Mom, my knee hurts--got any BACON????

Wednesday, September 10

Mom and the seals...

Some of you have asked, "Why don't we go to the beach with mom?" Well, there are a couple of reasons. #1 even though I am part lab, I don't particularly enjoy the water. #2 when mom is on seal monitoring duty it's best that we stay home  and guard the property from the evil chickens that live in the woods behind our house. Plus, taking two big dogs, all her camera stuff, and all the seal monitoring stuff, mom just doesn't have enough hands or energy. So Schatzie and I stay home on our comfy cots. It's all good!! Here's a few pictures from mom's monitoring sessions the past couple of days. Those little monk seals are indeed cute. Enjoy!

 Seal Zen moment
 8HY and RF58
 Seals make nice pillows
 Seal talk
 seal submission
 just cute

 water ballet??
 RF30---little butter ball
 playing with a feather
8HY has had enough of RF58
love, Gracie

Tuesday, September 9

Hey Gracie....

Wanna go to the beach?????
no thanks Mom, I'm too tired.
You go ahead with out me and give the seals my Aloha!!

Monday, September 8

Bad Mom.....

It's been brought to my attention (thanks to Auntie Donna) that the "mom" hasn't been giving Schatzie and me any time on the blog----for a VERY long time. Well, things are going to change around here. Starting right now!! So get that "flashy beast" out mom, we're going for a ride.

 The sun sure is bright this morning.
 Ready Schatzie??
We're almost there.
This is our favorite walk about area

 oh alright, I'll pose for ya

 come on Mom, keep moving
 such a beautiful view
See you tomorrow!!
Love, Gracie

Saturday, September 6

The Eyes.....

Yesterday as I was seal sitting K30, I was able to capture this shot and found the quote
 by Anthony Douglas Williams---perfect!