Wednesday, February 25

Happy HUMP DAY!!

The Humpbacks have been so active the past few days and  fun to watch. It is difficult to capture a whale with a camera from the shore, but I did managed to get a few shots.
Happy Hump Day!!!

Wednesday, February 11

Finally...over the hump!!

After 10 days of dealing with an awful cold, cough and headache,  I finally felt like exploring again today. I was called to check on a couple seals in town and then I ventured out into the "country" to see if I could locate one of our big girls (K13). No luck, but it was fun to snap a few photos.
Happy Hump Day!!

Sunday, January 25

To brighten your Monday......

It's been a bit cloudy and cool here the past few days. Dug thru my photo archives and found this shot of some plumeria I took a couple years ago at a graduation luau. They just make me happy! 

Tuesday, January 20

Hiking Kauai

Sunday afternoon I convinced the hubby to  hike the Kuilau Trail with me.  It's a pleasant hike thru beautiful shrubbery, vines and trees. The hike begins at 500 ft. elevation and at the 1.25 mile you've climbed to 1140 ft. The round trip adventure was 3.5 miles. The path was an old fire road and now it used by hikers, bikers and equestrians.   

My Hubby 
 Hard to read, but the writing on this "shed" states that if you find a hunting dog in the forest please leave them here and the hunters will be back to get them.  There are a lot of pig hunters here, one needs to be careful out on the trails.
 The view looking back toward the city of Lihue
 A peek of the Makaleha Ridge from the picnic area on the Kuilau Trail
 Bridge that was constructed in 1976 to enable horses to cross the stream to reach the Moalepe Trail.
We will explore the Moalepe Trail another time.
 Wild Berry
 The Fauna
 A look to the south from the picnic area
 The anvil-shaped Makaleha Ridge
 The tall trees lining the trail
 A delightful day with one exception....I dropped my camera and smashed the monitor. It's toast, as it's one of those cameras that just has the large LCD viewer on the back. It will still take photos, in facts all these shots are from that camera but, you have no idea what's you're photographing nor can you adjust the settings.
Monday it was back to the beach....
for sun, surf and sand.