Tuesday, June 23

Wednesday, June 17

Caption this.....

Thought we'd do something fun today!  I took this photo yesterday while seal pup sitting.
 This is RK22(on the right) and her 4 week 4 day old pup. They had just hauled out of the water and are getting settled on the beach. What do you think is happening here???
Ready.....Caption this!!

Tuesday, June 16

Mom, I'm Hungry....

Just like human kids, little monk seals are hungry after their swim lessons too!!

Wanna see something cool???
Here's a short video of PK3 (the seal in the photos above) being born 3 weeks ago.
Video by Julia Honnert

Wednesday, May 27

Nat Geo Moments....

Well I gotta tell ya I have been enjoying some awesome NAT GEO  moments for the past six weeks. Sharing a couple shots I captured today just minutes after this little Hawaiian Monk Seal was born.

Monday, May 4

Wednesday, April 15

Happy BIRTHday Little one!!

Born sometime Wednesday morning, I give you RK13 and her pup PK1. PK1 is short for Kauai Pup #1 and will be referred to as that until pup is weaned and tagged in 6-7 weeks.  Photo credit given to Gary Langley, lead volunteer at the pupping venue. I plan to visit the site on Friday and take photos. So any guesses as to the gender??? 

                                             Happy BIRTHday little one!!