Wednesday, February 10

Here's Pip....

This was Pip last Friday....pipping his/her way out of the egg

Another monk seal survey today would let me find 2 seals, 2 turtles and a look at our new albatross chicks. While at the albatross nesting site I chatted with my friend Carl. He was the first to see Sid's (last years albatross chick) sibling last friday. I told Carl he should name that chick since he was the first to observe the little ball of fuzz. So he did and I can announce the chick will be called Cheerio!!! Is that not the greatest name!!  I watched the 2 pairs for a long period of time today, Pip's parent was very accommodating and allowed me several shots of the 3 day old chick, even let me observe a feeding session.  Cheerios parent wasn't so cooperative....only a quick glimpse before the adult plopped down on the chick--no picture.
So enjoy todays photos--I'll be back out there Friday.

the adult would chatter at the egg and would try and speed up the hatching process.
this photo was taken last friday
Air, air I need air!!!

little grey fuzz ball


hey, I'm hungry

if you look very closely, there is a gold colored liquid string hanging from the adult--
that's a protein packed lunch for this little one.

Seconds please!!!

Sorry... viewing hours for Cheerio are over, you'll have to come back on Friday!!
 ***Please note: a zoom lens was used to capture these photos, the parent and chick were not disturbed during my visit.

Monday, February 8

My Music...

The Earth has music for those who listen ~ Shakespeare

Yesterday I went for a hike during the Super Bowl, just not wanting to be inside all day watching football. So I gathered my gear and headed to the beach where I find the monk seals and now observe the nesting Laysan Albatross.

As I plodded along the path down to the beach, normally I'm humming some song or making up words to my own song, but for the past few visits I've been silent. I have no song--at least right now.
Today I would listen intently to the earth's music, the chilly north wind, the waves crashing, the bird chattering and even the occasional monk seal sort would be my music today.  God must know that nature helps me to heal, I still have no song, but I heard a song-- it was beautifully orchestrated, it was nature's song.

Sharing some of the verses of yesterdays song~~

--did you hear the song??

Sunday, February 7


Needed to clean the cars out saturday. 
While backing the car closer to the electrical outlet,  
a quick glance to my right and there they were---nose prints on the passenger side window. 
I then proceeded to hit the outside water faucet. I cried for hours, 
 and not because of the faucet.

Friday, February 5

Sometimes you need a sign...

     Took a different route for my run this morning.
Watched as the sun rose and prayed for a sign.
He knows my needs and my heart.

                                                and my Girlz will forever be in my Heart.

Tuesday, February 2


Webster's definition:

grief : noun. intense emotional suffering caused as by a loss.

My definition: a heart that feels as though a giant has reached into your chest cavity and placed it in a strangle hold; a pit in your stomach that makes you want to puke, eyes so blurry you can't see, and a brain that's fuzzy that you really should make important decisions. The fetal position is now preferred for self protection.

I woke at 4a.m. this morning, patting the area on the bed where Gracie would sleep. No furry butt taking up most of the area, no gentle moaning as I would rub her belly. The space between Ron and I was empty--my definition of grief slammed itself on my chest and stayed.  The tears streamed down my cheeks as I curled up to assume my state of protection.

A few days before we set Gracie free from her pain I started running again. I haven't run in a long time. Those that know me are thinking wait a minute--Val's a runner. Well yes, but in the past few years running hurt, the knees would scream, the back was howling and frankly running just sucked. I was rather surprised last Friday when I laced up my shoes and started running--there was no discomfort.

This morning with Schatzie's locket urn and Gracie's id tag in hand I tapped the timer on my watch, I was off. My pace was quick, the breeze was light, my breathing wasn't labored, I felt the sweat beading up on my skin, my grief was fading it was a freeing 25 minutes.

I pushed the button on the timer as my feet stopped... and the grief came rushing back.

I need to keep running.

Thank you all who have left comments, called, sent texts or just kept Ron and me in your prayers. We are grateful.  I'm not sure what direction this blog will take, but for now it will be one of  my ways of dealing with my sadness and grief. I hope you will continue to stop by, I promise to share more of our Hawaii adventures.


Sunday, January 31

We will miss your WOO...WOO

Today marks one month since we lost our Schatzie, our home has been quieter.
We miss her.
On Saturday at 12:30 p.m. we said good bye to our sweet Gracie.
Today our home is silent.
Gracie had some good days, but most were uncomfortable and painful.
 I think I was looking at her health situation thru rose colored glasses.
A large hard mass was found on her abdomen and we could see that she was suffering.
Her eyes and body language told us it was time.
 We told her there would be no more pain. 
We were at her side when she took her last breath.
11/11/05 to 1/30/2016 

Reunited with her sister again.
I know they will both be waiting for us at the Bridge

We will miss your WOO-WOO
Run Free my Girlz, Run Free!!

Wednesday, January 27


Want to Welcome some new readers.  Glad you are stopping by and hope you enjoy our Hawaii Life.

Gracie had a recheck appointment with the vet on Tuesday. Things seem to be improving--my girl is better, but still not 100%.  We believe we've nipped the bug and are making headway in recovering from the ordeal.  Gracie is exhibiting some signs of depression which is normal since she did lose her best friend. We will continue to monitor her issues and take a second round of the de-wormer the end of next week.

Sharing a few photos of my seal trek from Tuesday....Gracie isn't in to having her photo taken right now, so it's seal adventures for now.