Saturday, September 27

Not what we thought...

The night before last I was stirred out of a deep sleep and the voice in my head was telling me that we needed to take Schatzie to the vet. Something was telling me it wasn't just her hip dysplasia, it was more.  I could hardly wait until the vet office opened to make an appointment. We arrived at 10 for news I wasn't expecting.  After a thorough examine by Dr. Pat, he announced, "she's got a torn ACL". My heart melted, as I now know how she had got the injury. 10 days ago we had a brief rain shower and Schatzie was running up our stairs,(like normal) slipped and caught her leg in the open staircase. She whimpered but other than that showed no signs of injury until the major limp 5 days ago.
We have opted to do surgery and I will explain more about that at another time. So next Tuesday, Schatzie will have surgery to repair her injured ACL. We have chosen to do the least invasive surgery and Dr. Pat feels that we will have good results.
My head is spinning in trying to figure out how in the world I am going to keep this very active and extremely attentive German Shepherd calm and quiet for the next few months.
This is going to be interesting...

Stay tuned.  :/


Monday, September 22

Just a little worried....

Sorry we've been absent again. Last week Schatzie developed a horrible limp in her left rear leg. Schatzie suffers from hip dysplasia and we've been wondering when it was going to rear its ugly head. You see, she was diagnosed with it about 5 years ago and we've been able to keep it at bay with proper weight, exercise and low doses of pain medication. Last week she began limping severely and we can tell see is in a lot of pain. We are only able to walk a couple blocks now--so sad cause Schatzie loves her walks. Well today mom went and got Schatzie a doggie lifejacket and started water therapy with her tonight. It's a good thing "Sissy" loves the water!! The session only lasted about 10 minutes,cuz mom didn't want to wear her out or cause further pain. Schatzie seemed to enjoy it and is now sound asleep behind mom's chair. We will continue doing the water therapy in hopes that it will bring her some relief. So if you have a couple extra prayers, we hope that you would send some up for Schatzie. We know that there's not a lot we can do for her, but we will try and keep her as pain free as possible. 

Love, Gracie

Saturday, September 13

A favorite spot...

A little late getting todays post up. Spent yesterday climbing over rocks to monitor monk seals, then it was off to the bay for some paddling and a gorgeous sunset. Thankfully, I was able to capture both the sunset and my favorite paddle surfer. Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, September 11

A new wheel...

Wondered if you would send my Auntie Brenda some POTP (power of the paw)  Yesterday her dogtor gave her a new wheel....aka a new left knee.  Unfortunately she injured it a few years back and it just hasn't worked right since. So out with the old and in with a new one!!  My Grammy is there helping her for a short while so auntie doesn't do anything stupid. I say that cuz the women in this family can be a bit stubborn.  I told grammy to give a few treats if she behaves herself. Wonder if auntie likes BACON??? If I got a new knee that's the kind of treat I would want!!  Any how thanks for thinking of her. We hope she is back on her bike real soon.

Auntie Brenda
or G-Dog as my Auntie calls me!!!
P.S. Mom, my knee hurts--got any BACON????